MetaMeets 2011 Amsterdam

MetaMeets 2011 Amsterdam

MetaMeets 2011, Amsterdam

“Are social virtual worlds like ‘Secondlife’® still alive?
What does it take to make a virtual world?
How do I stream into a virtual world?
What is Machinima?
How do I create 3 Dimensional content?
Are 3D virtual worlds useful for my students as E-learning?”

All these questions will be answered at Europe’s Premiere 3D Internet & Virtual worlds conference ‘MetaMeets 2011’ in Amsterdam.

Speakers and workshop leaders will guide you through the world of 3D environments.

‘Let’s Create 3D’ is this years theme to show interactively what software you can use to create what is seemingly the impossible. We will show you how to stream into a virtual world, how to make Machinima, the power of E Learning and how to co create with all kinds of people from around the world.

This years presenters include;

Ian Hughes from Feeding Edge who worked for IBM® on the platform ‘Secondlife’®
Noah Falstein from Inspiracy who developed the first graphic virtual world ‘Habitat’®
Ian Gee from Nokia® who inspires companies to dare to change
Ineke Verheul from Gameon, who does research on Avatar behaviour
Justin Clark-Casey OpenSim Virtual World consultant
Chantal Gerards Machinima maker
Stefan Lemper Managing Director from the 3D chat community ‘Club Coeee’®
Jolanda Verleg from Insperion who works with universities and schools to visualize ideas in 3D
Mathijs Hamers and Lars Dijkema students from Elde College Visualizing sustainable living in 3D
Raphael Isdant & Nicolas Sordello creators of ‘Virtual Windows’ for children isolated in their sickbeds

The conference will also introduce you to many more speakers who all share a passion for working, creating, educating and entertaining in 3D platforms.

Social Virtual worlds like Second Life®, Francogrid®, Club Coeee® and Open Sim will show their endless possibilities.

It will be an exciting weekend as MetaMeets will be combined with MMIF, (MaMachinima International Festival) and there will be an opportunity to meet, greet and network with cross media entertainment professionals.

The conference in past years has been well attended not only at the venue but interactively within 3D platforms and on the internet. All in all, it is looking to be a very informative and fun conference to attend this year!

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Contact: J.A.F Mastenbroek –Dobber

Team MetaMeets

Club Karlsson, NIMK gebouw
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MetaMeets 2010

MetaMeets 2010

The MetaMeets 2010 Internet Conference opens just as the 2009 movie “Avatar” has become a spectacular introduction to the idea of virtual environments. The conference, like the movie, is a bridge for the public to see what’s possible in a way that begins to draw them to virtual as well as real life. The conference will be available May 7th-8th in both Live and Virtual formats. For more information see

MetaMeets, Europe’s premier 3D Internet developer and community conference, comes to Dublin, Ireland, in 2010.

The conference opens just as the movie “Avatar” has become a spectacular introduction to the idea of virtual environments. The conference, like the movie, is a bridge for the public to see what’s possible in a way that begins to draw them to virtual as well as real life.

MetaMeets 2010 follows its successful inaugural conference last year in Amsterdam, Holland. “Metameets” appeared as a Top Ten Twitter Trending Topic on three separate occasions.

The event will take place this year in the Digital Hub Centre of Excellence, Dublin, on May 7th and 8th, 2010.

Content will be delivered in two formats, Live and Virtual:

  • Participants may travel to Dublin for the Live event, or remain at home for the Virtual event.
  • The presentation, content, and networking activities will be identical.
  • Presentations are scheduled 8am-5pm GMT.
  • Evening activities are scheduled 8pm-11pm GMT (social networking and entertainment).

MetaMeets 2010 addresses the question, “Who is driving Web 2.0 / 3D Internet / Virtual Environment Development: Business, Community, Education, Nonprofits, Diplomacy…” Content will be organized into three tracks:

  • COMMUNITY – How the power of individuals to make a difference is being re-shaped by online communities.
  • BUSINESS – Business engagement with 3D platforms.
  • EDUTAINMENT – Modern as well as traditional approaches to making learning more fun as well as more profitable through the web.

Economic projections show the magnitude of increased attention being paid to Web 2.0 / 3D Internet / Virtual Environment applications:

  • 160 Billion USD was spent by consumers on Retail Online Spending in 2008
  • 600 Million USD was invested in Virtual Environments in 2008
  • There were 140 Million active virtual world users in 2008, projected to increase to 2 Billion by end-2013
  • Two (2) Billion USD was spent on Virtual Goods in 2009, projected to increase by 16% in 2010
    50% of Internet users will have a virtual ID by end- 2010
    80% of Internet users will live additional virtual lives by end-2011
  • The 2009 movie “Avatar” is the first film to reach 2 Billion USD worldwide and has been nominated for nine Oscar Nominations including Picture, Directing, Cinematography, Art, Visuals, and Sound.

The conference will feature developers and users of modern Web 2.0 / 3D Internet / Virtual Environment platforms. Presenters will review and discuss showcase applications ranging from profit to nonprofit, work to pleasure, and enterprise to individual. It will provide tips, new ideas, and contacts.

  • Web 2.0 is the term for online applications where content and interaction are provided by users themselves. These include blogs (WordPress), social networking (Facebook, Twitter), music (MySpace), video (YouTube), and instant messaging (Skype) sites that are equally used for friendship, business, pleasure, education, learning, and politics.
  • 3D Internet is the term for online applications where users are present as avatars that can view, move and be viewed by others in a dynamic online environment. 3D Internet has become a crucial adjunct to business and social commerce in the last three years.
  • Virtual Environment is the new term replacing, or synonymous with, “3D Internet.”

MetaMeets presentations, discussions, and networking activities will be streamed from the live location to virtual environments and will include participation from virtual attendees.

The Digital Hub is an Irish Government initiative to create an international centre of expertise for knowledge, innovation and creativity focused on digital content and technology enterprises.

For program, registration, and travel information see the conference website at


1. The MetaMeets management team consists of:

  • Jolanda Mastenbroek-Dobber aka Joja Dhara, Holland – Online Community Manager
  • John Mahon aka Ham Rambler, Ireland – Owner of Dublin Virtually Live, a Second Life recreation of Dublin City
  • Elisa Butler aka Bevan Whitfield, France / US – International Business Analyst for Social Media and Web 3D
  • Slim Warrior aka Leo Wolff, UK – Music in Virtual Worlds
  • Gary Leyden, Ireland – V Rising
  • James Neville aka Sitearm Madonna, US – Virtual Worlds Projects in Business, Music, Tourism, Arts
  • Saskia Korving aka Sas Offcourse, Holland – Omniline

2. During MetaMeets 2009, “Metameets” appeared on Twitter as a Top Ten Trending Topic on three separate occasions.

3. The following organisations participated in MetaMeets 2009:

  • ECP/EPN Platform Virtual Worlds
  • Linden Lab
  • Nokia
  • Active Worlds
  • IBM
  • Kohd
  • Eco-Grids
  • Rivers Run Red
  • Metaverse Labs
  • NV3D
  • Opensim
  • Metalife
  • Vesuvius Group
  • Extreme Reality
  • Rockcliffe University
  • Metanomics
  • Myrl

4. Data sources for statistics include:

  • PC World
  • Tech Crunch
  • Virtual Goods News
  • Virtual Goods Insider
  • The Numbers